Steelpan Band

The steel pan, or drum, was invented in Trinidad after World War II. Trinidadians poured into the streets to celebrate the Allied victory with the American and British forces that were stationed on our island. They picked up sticks and old oil barrels that were being used as garbage cans to make noise. Someone heard music in the beating of the oil barrels, and the idea for the steel pan was born. It is the only bona fide instrument invented in the 20th century. Steel pans are made by heating and beating the bottom of old oil barrels.

For many years, the steel pan was used primarily to make music for Carnival. Today we are using it to make music for Jesus. TTUM’s steel pan band plays only gospel music. We love to travel and bring our music to churches, schools, prisons, and anywhere people need to be encouraged with wonderful praise music. For more information about one of our upcoming tours and how to get the band at your church or school, email Jennifer at

TTUM Steelpan band on tour in the USA.